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Want bigger breasts ? Eat these top 3 bust enhancing foods.

Today’s article relates to each and every woman! yes, we are talking about breast enhancement! breasts are not only an important body organ of a female body but beautifully formed, well-sized breasts are also considered as an epitome of beauty, elegance, and feminity, however, we do think that every woman regardless of her breast size, body shape and physical built is indeed beautiful but then there are also many women who wish to increase or enhance their breasts in order to add more charm and elegance to their feminine appeal.

Human breast growth is mainly governed by factors such as genetics, puberty, age, lifestyle, diet, physical activity, family history etc. Women over the globe have breasts of different sizes and shapes according to their genes. many medical procedures and treatments have also been introduced in the market of the medical field for breast enhancement. Although there are many therapies and surgeries are available to go for, we also do have many natural ways which are effective to get optimum results in much lesser expenses.

Why one should look for foods that trigger breast growth? 

Human breast growth is basically controlled by female growth hormone ‘estrogen’.that’s why women who have larger breasts than rest of the people are very much predominant in estrogen hormone.there is no scientific evidence that proves the effect of specific food on human breast growth but as we all know breast growth is largely affected by the amount of estrogen in women, we can increase the intake of foods which are abundant in plant-based estrogen i.e phytoestrogens. These foods are easily available everywhere from your nearest grocery to the local vegetable market. here we are stating some top estrogen abundant foods that might help you enhance your breast size.

     1. Fennel seeds: fennel seeds are one of the potent foods for increasing breast size. fennel seeds are believed to contain a high level of phytoestrogens.fennel seeds also contain compounds like Anatol which triggers estrogen release.use of fennel seeds is also much pronounced in breast augmentation process. some milk lactating women also consume fennel in order to increase breast milk production.

    2.Watercress:- This medicinal plant is basically derived from Europe and Asia. it is abundant in many vitamins and nutrients such as iron, minerals, vitamin c. This plant’s leaves are also very good blood cleaning agent, used in many products. These leaves are also used in treating many skin alignments like eczema. These leaves are naturally abundant in female hormone thus help in increasing bust size. Watercress is also used to increase the production of milk in breasts.

3.  Fenugreek seeds:- Fenugreek seeds are an abundant source of many vitamins and nutrients. fenugreek seeds contain essential phytoestrogens which are mainly responsible for the growth of breast size hence very useful for breast enhancement. fenugreek seeds are also used for lactating mothers.


Have these superfoods in your diet daily to get maximum results in a much faster time. Underdeveloped breasts are not always related to the underlying medical condition but one should always consult a professional therapist before adding any estrogen dominant food in the diet if there are any other medical issues. Share our article on social media if you liked it, thank you!


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