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Miraculous health benefits of oral chlorophyll!

You might have heard about term chlorophyll as we all have learned in science, it is basically a green photosynthetic pigment which is primarily responsible for plants green color. It also plays a main part in the process of photosynthesis. We humans need food in order to get energy for a living & and the same things goes for plants too as plants are also a part of living creatures. Plants basically absorb solar light to mix with carbon dioxide & water and create oxygen and glucose within a plant for crucial growth of the plant.

This green plant pigment is not only essential for plants but also plays a very important role in human health wellness too. There are an array of benefits chlorophyll can make in your health but only a few of them are discussed, besides those prominent benefits there also some rare and unique benefits are present in this green pigment. Chlorophyll is abundant in green leafy vegetables like spinach, watercress, wheatgrass, alfalfa. One Can consume chlorophyll by a variety of means like juice, liquid syrup, powder.


Chlorophyll – the green elixir of health:-

Many people consume chlorophyll for a variety of health alignments. Generally, the consumption of chlorophyll is regarded as safe as per studies. Person of any age group can consume chlorophyll for health. However, it is always recommended to consult as a physician before consuming to avoid some unwanted side effects. Chlorophyll usage is increasing day by day by the number of miraculous effects it has on human health.

According to studies Chlorophyll can also be considered as a powerful cancer-fighting ingredient. It is mostly used orally for the purpose of cleansing bad breath, basically works as a magic breath cleaner. Rapid wound healing is also one of the major benefits of taking chlorophyll as it also works when applied topically for healing and promotes faster wound healing. It also has many benefits like increasing red blood cells count and it has also shown major in anemia patients for treating blood disorders. There are plenty of nutrients and antioxidants which are crucial for preventing oxidative stress, many people add chlorophyll in liquid foods and drinks for detoxification of the body. These were only a few benefits of this green pigment besides these it brings many benefits with it like weight loss, preventing liver diseases, useful for immunity, a very good ingredient for healthy skin and hair. There are also some studies which show a link between consumption of chlorophyll and prevention of colon cancer. Reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer is the most prominent research study that has been done on the relation between consumption of chlorophyll and cancer.

Do cooking and storage alter the healing potentials of chlorophyll?

Amount of Chlorophyll in food can get affected by the cooking time as it is unstable to heat. Chlorophyll is much more reactant to heat than many other pigments like beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin. Studies have shown that whether the cooked chlorophyll contained foods are affected and do they provide the same effects as naturally occurring chlorophyll is primarily detected by cooking time. Prolonged boiling can dramatically reduce foods chlorophyll content by a huge amount.
Basically, chlorophyll is prominently known to be easily get decreased by external factors such as heat, light, chemicals. Exposure to heat can cause major degradation of green pigment content. the effect of chlorophyll is also get affected by prolonged closed packaging.

Effects of chlorophyll on reducing the risk of cancer:-

It is acutely known that Carcinogens are primarily caused by other carcinogen precursors which are mainly known as procarcinogen through self -action of enzymes and some research show that it is also possible to prevent these enzymes by diet. By preventing the growth of these carcinogen enzymes you can reduce the chances of getting cancer.
Chlorophyll is known to inhibit these carcinogen enzymes making it one of the effective foods for preventing cancer. Chlorophyll can effectively slow down the risks of lung cancer by raising other cancer-fighting agents to kill already existing cancer cells. It is also very useful in preventing breast cancer cells and colon cancer. Cancer such as colon cancer is increasing day by day. Consumption of red meat, fish, poultry and low fiber diet basically raise the risk of developing colon cancer because of the hemp contain present in red meat. The study of the relation between intake of chlorophyll and colon cancer is the best-researched topic among all the studies showing the relation of this green pigment for preventing cancer.

Effects of chlorophyll on fertility:-

The importance of green foods for fertility is the fact acknowledged by many due to enormous benefits green pigmented foods Green leafy vegetables such kale, spinach, wheatgrass contain an abundant amount of nutrients and vitamins which are necessary for acid balance. A healthy body with good alkalize balance is crucial for the life of sperm and production of the egg. Chlorophyll is also an ideal supplement for someone whose fertility is hampered by iron deficiency and detoxification issues. Chlorophyll is loaded with vitamins such as A, C, D, K, iron, calcium and many other antioxidants which are very effective for proper nutrition and detoxification of the body, Detoxifications of the body is the main step for conceiving as cleaner body help the egg to fertilize.

Benefits of chlorophyll for skin:-


As discussed much chlorophyll is supremely loaded with nutrients and vitamins A, C, D, K, iron, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, fatty acids, potassium, and there further no need to explain the role of these vital nutrients for the good health of the skin. There is a numerous number of benefits which chlorophyll can deliver to your skin by a variety of ways. Chlorophyll can be used for a verity of skin purposes, from acne healing to anti-aging, skin hydration this beautiful green pigment can completely change your skin’s health in the long term.

Chlorophyll contains various germ growth inhibitors and anti-inflammatory antioxidants which prevent the growth of germ in skin infections like acne, breakouts. This germ eliminating properties of chlorophyll are ideal to prevent the growth of acne bacteria and has a high potential of preventing and treating acne breakouts by keeping follicles clean. It can also prevent various freckle causing alignments such as dead skin, oil-clogged pores, bacteria making it as good blemish healer vitamin. Chlorophyll is also used in many topical spots correcting and healing creams and lotions.
This magical green pigment is also useful for skin nourishment. It is high in magnesium and potassium, magnesium is primarily responsible for providing the ample oxygen supply to skin tissues and cells to keep skin supple and vibrant. The high amount of vitamin C in it is what Gives the skin brightening and lightning properties to it, As we all know high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants can brighten out skin tone.Its consumption is also useful in the pursuit of keeping skin wrinkle free, Chlorophyll is naturally high in Beta carotene. Beta carotene can effectively protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun, skin problems like wrinkles, aging, crow’s feet, dark spots, fine lines are nothing but the manifestation of exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays. Using chlorophyll orally as well as topically can be effective in protecting the skin from harmful rays of skin. Besides all these things it is a very good anti-inflammatory agent which prevents skin from problems like dry skin, inflamed skin infections, premature anti-aging.

Usage of chlorophyll for weight loss:-

Some studies were done to gain more information regarding the link between chlorophyll and weight loss. It has been found that the dosage of chlorophyll can curb the unhealthy food cravings of carbohydrates and high-fat diet. Chlorophyll can prevent unhealthy fat gain by inhibiting overeating cravings which is the main reason for rapid weight gain. It also fastens the natural metabolism process aiding one more weight loss benefits. It works like magic for liver detoxification process, by eliminating the heavy metals, wastes, toxins from the digestive system. This process helps to promote the removal of waste as the removal of waste is crucial for eradicating constipation symptoms.

Are chlorophyll Supplements safe?

Even though the oral usage of chlorophyll is generally regarded as safe by many .you should definitely have a talk regarding the consumption of this pigment. There are no major side effects of taking chlorophyll but few minor ones such as vomiting sensation, nausea. It is always advisable to keep it away from the sun as the wrong dosage can promote unwanted rashes from sun exposure. The usage of chlorophyll should also be avoided for a pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman, children, people having thyroid alignments.
Although it is safe for use it can also create toxicity when consumed in huge amounts showing undesired symptoms such as greenish tint in urine or stools, the tongue may appear darker or blackish in such conditions. Other unwanted side effects such as stomach pain, loose or watery bowel movements. So it is always beneficial to consult before starting its consumption.

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