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Natural diet remedies to combat anemia.

Anemia is basically the most common blood disorder in the world. It is a condition associated to an absence of healthy red blood cells in the body, it is a blood disorder which arises when you either deficient in red blood cells or your body does not produce enough of it or lacking healthy hemoglobin levels. Anemia often occurs commonly in those who lack in essential and vital vitamins and nutrients. There are various types of anemia based upon which issue is causing it. when a person has low red blood cells, low hemoglobin or abnormally shaped red blood cells, it hampers the blood’s ability to carry oxygen resulting in various health issues.

Sometimes the symptoms of anemia are not much prominent when it is in early stages, Lighter symptoms can include lightheadedness, tiredness, fatigue, feeling week. One might misdiagnose these symptoms and associate those symptoms with tiredness due to the general routine. However, if anemia is not treated in a specific time limit it can dramatically take a severe turn and degrade overall health of the person. Anemia types which are most common among all are nutritional and iron deficiency anemia. There is a general observation that these types of anemia occur most frequently in females than males.
Many people avoid early signs and symptoms of anemia, But below all those signs there can be some serious issues like some kinds of cancer, serious infections, toxicity. Anemia is moderately common among adults and kids, it basically arises due to lack of nutrition, other types of anemia also occur due genetic condition, there are some cases where anemia might occur due to impaired ability of bone marrow, but this cause can be quite rare and require many medical examinations before consideration.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

o Sudden lack of appetite
o Constant tiredness in body
o Rapid heartbeat
o Headache
o Loss of concentration
o Irritation and restlessness
o Paleness of skin i.e. whitish or greyish tint in skin complexion
o Frequent infections like flu, fever.
o Loss of immunity
o Shortness of breath
o Insomnia
o Fatigue
o Depression
o Easy bleeding and bruising
o Weakness in muscles
o Fainting
o Dizziness & lightheadedness
o Yellowing of eyes

There are various phases of the severity of anemia, one should not avoid above stated symptoms and consult a trained therapist before the complications arise. As it is known that anemia can occur due to nutritional deficiencies we can take effective dietary measures to prevent and cure it naturally. The natural cure should not be considered as a replacement in the place of a medicinal cure but we can surely add up natural course of treatment with existing medical advice to fasten up the healing of disorder.

Top 5 natural ways to combat anemia:-

1.Anti-inflammatory diet:-

One of the most common types of anemia after nutritional and iron anemia is anemia caused by inflammation. People of adult age group are more prone to such type anemia as adults are more prone to inflammatory disorders. In such type of disorder, you might have very low to severe deficiency of hemoglobin which can cause problems such as difficulty in breathing.

There are various causes of inflammation anemia such as your body might not make the proper use of iron. loss of response in the bone marrow to create healthy red blood cells, Your body might create red blood cells but they might survive for a shorter period of time and tend to die quickly. Chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease can also cause inflammatory anemia in patients.
By including anti-inflammatory food diet one can reduce many complications of such disorder & can effectively cure this disorder. One should include a high portion of anti-inflammatory food such as fruit such as blueberry, oranges, strawberries, cherries, nuts like almond, walnuts, healthy oils like olive oil, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, fatty fish. Foods such as processed foods, sugar, refined carbs, soda and caffeinated drinks, processed meats should be avoided as they are the main culprit for increased inflammation in the body.

2. Heal leaky gut syndrome:-

The leaky gut syndrome occurs when your intestinal linings cell layer get affected by the inflammatory food and reactions. Your intestinal linings are very much an important part of your body as they are the single layer of cells which separates digestive linings and bloodstreams. Another important role of the gut is the absorption of nutrients, vitamins to create energy, healing, immunity etc.

When these linings are affected they start to degrade and split, and it eventually causes leakage of undigested foods you eat into your bloodstream. This process can cause many toxicities and allergic response in the body. Leaky gut often creates indigestion problems too, as a result of this body cannot absorb needed nutrients and vitamins which are essential for proper production of red blood cells by the body.
The leaky gut syndrome can be treated by taking simple steps such as avoiding processed foods. Proper hydration is also much required for a healthy gut. Cutting out gluten from the diet is primarily recommended as it is difficult to get digested and can pierce holes in the gut linings. You can also include vitamin A and D supplements as they promote the strengthening of the intestinal barrier and linings. Besides this consider the more intake of probiotics, they are known to regain nutritional flora in the intestine. Intake of more fiber, zinc, glutamine is also essential in treating the leaky gut syndrome.

3. Consume iron-rich foods:-

As we all know a shortage of red blood cells can cause anemia, Good intake of iron is also crucial for the production of hemoglobin. Nutritional deficiency of iron can anemia in children and women more frequently. Many times iron deficiency can also occur if your body is unable to absorb iron due to conditions like celiac disease.

Chronic and heavy blood loss can also be the cause of iron deficiency. A large portion of iron abundant foods such as red dates, kidney beans, mung beans, lentils, cashew nuts, kale, parsley, raisins, and sultanas should be included in the diet. There is an utmost need to restrict consumption of certain foods when treating iron deficiency is the main motive such as eggs, dairy, polyphenols. Polyphenols in foods like green tea can affect iron levels adversely. Green tea is abundant in polyphenol tannin. Tannin is also of the anti-nutritional elements which can hamper the absorption of iron by the body.

4. Consume Vitamin B12 rich foods:-

Sometimes a person can be deficient in natural vitamin b12 levels. Vitamin b12 is also one of the most important nutrients which are required for a body to create healthy blood cells. When you have lower amounts of vitamin b12 you can get affected by an anemic disorder called pernicious anemia. Vitamin b12 deficiency is often caused by Foods low in vitamins and minerals, having restricted diet plans.

A Shortage of vitamin b12 can cause a condition where red blood cells get distorted in shape and sometimes die prematurely and do not function properly due to lack of intrinsic factor (a protein made in the stomach) in a body. Sometimes the inability to absorb vitamin b12 can be a genetic condition caused by birth because of hereditary. Folic acid known as folate is also another essential vitamin b also plays an important role in treating megaloblastic anemia. Foods such as yogurt, meats, poultry, barley, papaya, carrot, sweet potato, cheese, crab, chicken are high in vitamin b 12 and folic acid content and should consume in more quantity to treat vitamin b12 and folic acid deficiency.

5.Increase intake of fermented foods:-

Fermented food can improve the health gut and have very gut nourishing properties. Fermented foods are specifically high in probiotics which are useful to strengthen gut lining and help gut lining to secret essential nutrients such as iron and vitamins. Fermented foods are also very for the digestion process as they have healthy enzymes and restore good bacteria. Try to eat foods like kimchi, kefir, yogurt, idli and dosa, cheese.

Above steps will effectively help you to prevent and control your anemia, However one should not forget to consult a regular physician before starting any new diet course and strategies.
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