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    Miraculous health benefits of oral chlorophyll!

    You might have heard about term chlorophyll as we all have learned in science, it is basically a green photosynthetic pigment which is primarily responsible for plants green color. It also plays a main part in the process of photosynthesis. We humans need food in order to get energy for a living & and the same things goes for plants too as plants are also a part of living creatures. Plants basically absorb solar light to mix with carbon dioxide & water and create oxygen and glucose within a plant for crucial growth of the plant. This green plant pigment is not only essential for plants but also plays a…

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    Homemade skin whitening drink to lighten skin from inside out!

    Spotless, bright and radiant skin is the dream of each and every woman on this planet, but very few are god gifted with flawless skin. when the complexion is bright and smooth it shows the good condition of health. Skintone of person weather fair, dusky or dark is mainly governed by genes and lifestyle.One cannot change the natural skin tone one is born with but a person can effectively reduce skin tanning and bring back a brighter, lighter skin tone which is darkened due to external factors like sun exposure, excessive pollution, hormonal fluctuations, some medication, and stress. There are many topical creams and medications available marketplace today that promise to make…

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    7 foods to clear acne completely.

    We all want acne free clear skin, but fighting acne is a very difficult task. Especially acne which is cystic and hormonal is not easy to treat, Sometimes even after using topical creams acne inflammation doesn’t reduce thus spreads on the whole face. We can easily prevent acne by using oral approach i.e by having foods that contain acne fighting ingredients. Foods that contain acne fighting ingredients not only help to clear acne but also stop inflammation caused by acne. Here are top 7 foods which you should eat to fight acne:

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    5 Fruits that can completely transform your skin.

    Attractive and vibrant fruit packs are what everybody apply to bring out skin’s inner glow, but do you know fruits that you use for face packs should be eaten regulary in your diet too.Fruits and vegetabales that you eat can have a major effect on your skin’s appearence,because when we choose oral appraoch skin health fruits work to repair skin’s health from within thus provide you long lasting flawless skin. When you relegiously consume fruits high in essential nutrients and antioxidants these fruits feed vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which your skin craves. Our skin needs consistent supply of essential nutrients to eliminate free radical damage which results in dark spots,…

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    Top 5 serotonin rich foods to brighten up your mood.

    Many of you might be unaware of what serotonin is and its importance in our day to day life.  Serotonin basically acts as a neurotransmitter for a brain, where some people also consider it to be a hormone. Serotonin plays an important role in your daily routine as it contributes to your mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sexual desire function etc. Serotonin deficiency can often lead to various health issues such as mood fluctuations, disturbed sleep patterns, depression. To avoid these health alignments you can naturally increase your serotonin levels simply by eating some foods which will, in turn, lead to a more healthier mental state. Foods which are specified as…

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    Get flat tummy in 2 weeks with this parsley detox smoothie.

    A flat and beautiful tummy is the dream of every woman. Abdomen belly fat does not only alters your appearance in a major way but various kinds of health hazards are also associated with belly fat, abdominal fat could also be a telltale sign of diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism and much more. There are many ways through which you can achieve your dream of having a flat tummy, however, one of the most recommended and easiest way is to opt for natural homemade remedies. This super detox parsley shake will help you lose fat over abdomen very easily and quickly. Why parsley is effective? Parsley is the ultimate miracle herb for weight loss, highly…