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7 best ways to prevent Type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes was a rare health alignment before a few years and people had very less information about it but in today’s date diabetes mellitus i.e diabetes is much common health problem which is increasing day by day, Diabetes is a life long health condition in which a person’s blood sugar levels are too much high, For our body to properly make use glucose insulin is required. Hormone insulin helps our body to provide glucose in bloodstreams for optimum energy. Diabetes is not fatal or life-threatening diseases but it canaries many other problems in a body which might cause life-threatening conditions eventually if not treated properly.

Diabetes mellitus is distinguished in two types 1 & 2, in type 1 body does not produce any insulin, And type 2 body doesn’t make use of insulin or produce very less of it, Sometimes having blood sugar levels higher than normal can put you in the realm of prediabetes which can further manifest into type 2 diabetes, one should regularly do one’s blood check up to keep check of abnormal increase in sugar levels. We can also keep type 2 diabetes at bay by taking some of the simple health measures. These health measures are very much effective in preventing type 2 diabetes by adding some simple things in our daily routine. As they say, prevention is better than cure, One should always take required measures before its too late.

Here are the top 7 tips to prevent diabetes that you can follow:-

1. Losing abdominal body fat:-

Studies show that people who are obese have high body fat index are at much risk than others for type 2 diabetes. Having extra body fat around the waist and belly also increases insulin resistance body which can result in type 2 diabetes. getting rid of abdominal fat can be a major step to prevent diabetes. A high waist to hip ratio increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes rapidly. A diet full of carbohydrates, sweets, red meat, saturated fat contributes to excess abdominal fat. One should always administer a diet properly by adding healthy fruits and vegetables in order to prevent abdominal fat.

2. Eating healthy fibers and plant-based diet:-

Consider eating foods that are high in fibers and vitamins rather than having foods high carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats. A low-calorie diet is always preferred for good health as it prevents unwanted fat gain.

3. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle:-


A sedentary lifestyle which lacks body movement & exercise is much more dangerous for health than you think. Many diseases and hormonal conditions can increase by a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity can help the body cells to make use of insulin at much optimum speed. 20 to 30 mins of walking or any physical activity every 3 days in a week can also be ideal for the prevention of diabetes.

4. Quit smoking:- If you are a regular smoker you have a much greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than others. Smoking affects blood sugar levels adversely by making blood sugar levels fluctuate and increase, moreover it also makes the body more resistant to insulin. Smoking also arises many other health problems in a body such as cancer, hence it is more advisable to quit smoking.


5.A big NO to processed foods:- We all like processed foods like soda, beverages, tea, white bread, pasta, cookies and unknowingly we consume several processed foods a day without realizing the number of carbohydrates and fructose sugar levels they contain. Fructose amounts can raise sugar levels rapidly and make the body less sensitive to insulin. Processed foods can also trigger many health problems like raising triglyceride levels, and can also promote overeating.

6. Always stay hydrated:-

Drinking more water staying hydrated is also much helpful to the main lower sugar levels. Although there are no specific studies that prove the accurate link between drinking water and hyperglycemia ( high blood sugar), while some experiments show that drinking more water can also be beneficial for metabolism and hydration.

7. Manage stress:-

Stress can cause many different emotional reactions such as anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, Restlessness. All of these reactions can hamper mental health and increase androgen levels, Stress is also one of the prime reason for a rapid spike in blood sugar levels.  One should always manage stressful events with ease, try to engage in some playful activities which release happy hormones like endorphins, which acts a natural mood elevator.

Apart from these things there also various factors that are a culprit for developing type 2 diabetes, However, if one starts taking natural prevention cures than it is also very useful to reduce chances of developing type 2 diabetes. One should also regularly get sugar levels checked in order to manage blood sugar levels.

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